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Copyright 2015 • All rights reserved • Millennium Ice Sculpting • Pictures of Ice Bars, Ice Luges, and Ice sculptures are all available to be used • Serving Southern California for 13 years .• Custom Designs • Full service delivery • Pick up • Drop off .

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Placement of Art 

Automatic Drink Luge 

Your guests will be impressed with this ,one of a kind Drink station . Just push button and out comes your signature drink .

Wedding Planning Websites

Placement of Art is easier than you think. An Ice luge would be place close to bar for bar tender to pour drinks.

A large multi block is best displayed in center or entryway of large Ballroom setting . Some venues may be limited on size . Find the darkest part of room to have guests drawn toward and otherwise unused part of the room will be the highlight of area . 

Sizes and Pricing 

Wedding Planning 

When planning your wedding think of the impact that every element of event will have. Ice Sculptures make any wedding memorable . Wedding expressions can be as as simple as Monogram, and as popular as bride and grooms on Motorcycle . Most of our wedding Sculpture ideas come from Brides and Grooms . So make you wedding memorable and call today.  

      Ice Sculptures have become very desirable focal point in modern weddings . They can convey a couples style and creativity . 

      Minimum size for wedding sculptures is Single block Starting at $450.00  for ice . Delivery is extra and depends on location .

      Designs are unlimited, most of designs you see are submitted by couples and brought to life by our artists.

      Additionally there  are many photos not posted on site for privacy issues . please contact us and we will send photos of events not posted .